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About Us

Welcome to our premier futsal club in the heart of St. Louis, where passion for the game meets excellence in coaching and player development. Founded and led by Ado Jahic and Will Eskay, two distinguished names in the world of futsal and soccer, our club stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the sport.

Experience That Counts:

Ado Jahic and Will Eskay boast impressive resumes that resonate with anyone familiar with the world of soccer and futsal. Both have played at the NCAA Division I level and as professionals, showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication to the beautiful game. Their journey has also led them to don the jersey of the US Men's Futsal National Team, further exemplifying their expertise in the world of futsal.

Passion for Player Development:

Beyond their playing careers, Ado and Will have dedicated themselves to coaching and developing youth soccer players. Their track record of success in this realm speaks volumes about their ability to nurture talent and elevate young athletes to their fullest potential. They understand the nuances of player growth and are committed to shaping the future stars of the sport.

Pioneers of Futsal in St. Louis:

Ado and Will have taken their passion for futsal and built the only premier futsal club in St. Louis. This achievement reflects their dedication to bringing the highest quality futsal programs to our community. It's a testament to their vision for the sport and their desire to provide local players with exceptional opportunities for growth and competition.

Championship Pedigree:

Our club is not just about development; it's also about winning. Ado and Will's coaching prowess has led our teams to national finals competitions, where we've consistently competed at the highest levels. Their ability to prepare and guide our players to these elite stages demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Nurturing National Talent:

One of the most remarkable achievements of our club is our ability to send players to represent the youth futsal national team. This accomplishment underscores our dedication to identifying and developing the brightest talents, with the ultimate goal of seeing them thrive on the international stage.

At our futsal club, we combine the best of passion, expertise, and innovation to create an environment where players can truly excel. Whether you're a young athlete looking to develop your skills or an experienced player aiming to reach new heights, our club is the place where dreams take shape and champions are made. Join us on this extraordinary journey of futsal excellence. Welcome to our world of futsal.

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